About Me

I began my career as a massage therapist in South Africa nearly 30 years ago. What started as an interest quickly blossomed into a passionate career. The modalities of Swedish massage and reflexology were the foundation of a practice that grew rapidly and with that, skills and techniques developed that are the mainstay of this steady and dependable practice in Anacortes, Washington. Please see the page marked "which technique" for further information about your prefered treatment.

At Ki to Vitality you can be assured that as your therapist I will draw from a vast wealth of experience to tailor your treatment specifically to your present situation. I have trained  and practiced in many fields and
have worked extensively in both General and Rehab Hospitals in South Africa,  employed by Clinic Holdings, the largest Hospital group in the Southern Hemisphere. I have treated patients in all wards, including Intensive and high care, Maternity, Oncology, Paediatrics, Trauma and pre- and post-surgical.

For many years I held massage classes for Moms with new babies, helping to enhance and develop that instinctive knowledge within us...that touch soothes and heals.
A large part of my practice is devoted to palliative touch, that which cannot heal, but eases the body and mind through difficult times during terminal or chronic disease.I have worked extensively with both AIDS and Cancer patients, and can assist and encourage families and loved ones to express their love through gentle massage.  For many years I have held classes, having formatted and taught my own style of "PRACTICAL MAGIC"  in private classes,  and in a massage school in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005.

A bright, warm, nurturing atmosphere is to be found wherever you visit the Ki to Vitality  in Anacortes, Washington. My practice is still largely therapeutic, and operational on many levels, from sports injuries to headaches, from pregnant ladies to the geriatric bedridden, and from tiny babies to horses !


Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Ashiatsu and Lymphatic drainage done Right in Lakeway, Tx!