What to Expect

* A soothing tranquil environment, a soft, warmed table, graced with exceptional linens.

*Professionalism, punctuality, respect, competence and enthusiasm. Educated expertise.

*I love what I do, and I hope you'll love being here too. 

* If this is your first ever massage, or your first in a long time, let me know. I will be able to guide you through the experience with information I might expect the seasoned recipient to take for granted.

*Please arrive a few minutes early for your massage appointment, especially the first one, so you can be relaxed on the table at the appointed time.

*I am well skilled at many modalities and would be pleased to discuss with you our treatment options before we begin. If you have specific issues you would like me to address, let me know before we start the treatment, so that I can allocate enough time to your problem.

*Massage therapy does not address any medical isssues you may have, and it would be advisable to discuss these with your medical practitioner before embarking on a series of treatments.

*This is YOUR massage time.. please feel comfortable turning inwards for quiet reflection or allowing conversation, or even a little of both.

*Please let me know the day before your appointment if you intend to cancel, or you will be charged.

*If you are running late, please let me know. If I have not heard from you 15 minutes into your appointed time, I shall assume that you are not intending to be here, and may leave to do chores or end my day.

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Ashiatsu and Lymphatic drainage done Right in Lakeway, Tx!