Who Needs Bodywork?





Massage has many benefits, and much like exercise, works best when done regularly.
During the course of a massage, the body releases endorphins, nature's sedative and painkiller.


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Even the best pregnancy takes it's toll, and can deplete your body if you do not take time to replenish. Regular massage throughout your pregnancy keeps your metabolism functioning, and alleviates swelling due to water retention. image During pregnancy your body prepares for birthing by releasing normal tendon and ligament tension. Sometimes that hurts ! Massage helps maintain muscle tone, ease aches and pains, and promotes restful sleep.

Be sure to continue once baby is here, and be sure to get some tips from me to ensure your baby gets a great massage from you every day !

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There are many ways to prepare your body for surgery, elective or otherwise. Good nutrition is essential,  as is cleansing the body of toxins such as alcohol and medications. (Always consult your doctor before changing or stopping medications). Taking ARNICA tablets for two weeks before surgery and two weeks after, helps the body to heal faster. Once again, check with your doctor before embarking on this extremely beneficial course.

A few massages spaced 2-3 days apart both before and immediately after surgery, make a huge difference in the healing process, and particularly after traumatic and invasive surgeries such as liposuction and breast reduction. I have many years of experience dealing with pre- and post- surgical patients, and am able to do the best possible treatment, to help your body recover from the anesthetic and the trauma of the surgery. The sooner  after surgery the better, even the same day if possible. With your doctor's permission, and that of the hospital staff, I will come to your ward





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Very often being diagnosed with cancer does not mean that we become bedridden or hospitalized.image We need to carry on functioning as normal, and go about our daily business inbetween debilitating medical treatments. Fear leads to insomnia, and brutal medications undermine the body as does the disease, and these lead to exhaustion and an inability to carry on.

Once again, good nutrition is of the utmost importance. It's imperitive that the body does not have to deal with toxic substances when fighting chronic and life-threatening illness. Massage therapy helps the body's metabolism to function, whilst calming and balancing the psyche. Touch plays a major role in soothing both the body and mind. See more of this in the next section ..

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Massage therapy and bodywork will enhance your quality of life on every level, and will improve your health and vitality through every stage of your life, both in sickness and in health !The benefits resulting from loving touch have long been documented and studies have shown that babies deprived of touch fail to flourish and show developmental challenges as a result of this deprivation.imageThis failure to flourish can be applied  through all stages of our lives, and similar studies have shown how quickly the elderly decline when a spouse or beloved pet dies, and that sense of touch becomes dormant. Massage therapy and bodywork can assist us through crises both emotional and physical, and during times of extreme stress can become a valuable tool for survival. Increasingly, the medical profession is embracing massage therapy as a means of alleviating the ravages of terminal and chronic conditions. It is documented that AIDS and cancer patients show a marked increase in their T-cell count (indicating the condition of the immune system)  whist undergoing a course of treatments, and although these conditions may never be cured even with medical intervention, the patient's quality of life can be dramatically improved. Bodywork is of particular benefit to the bedridden of any age, as it facilitates the functioning of the metabolic, muscular, digestive and lymphatic systems, thus preventing bedsores, muscle atrophy, and insomnia, which are conditions all too common amongst long term patients.
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Exercise is vital to keep our bodies functioning well, as is good nutrition. But no matter how well we take care of these aspects of our lives, our system could use some help in disposing of the waste matter we produce. This takes the form of lactic and uric acid, amongst many other substances, which our bodies do not always adequately flush. In fact, the more we exercise, the more waste we accumulate, and the more we ache.  Athletes in training benefit from frequent massages, which in turn enable them to increase their performance level. Very often one would find whole teams of massage therapists at the finish line of marathons and such highly competitive events, as it is now common knowledge that a good "fluffing" of the leg muscles will circumvent much of the post-event soreness that can plague athletes.



Sitting hunched over a computer all day, communicating with a phone under one ear and a blackberry in one hand, fighting through traffic to meet airport deadlines, fighting the odds to meet impossible deadlines, takes a huge toll on our health. Combine this with little exercise, meals grabbed on the run, and a hand full of drugs to get us up in the morning and to sleep at night, and it's a disaster waiting to happen. Some of the most effective contenders in this stressful field are those who have put aside at least an hour, sometimes more, of their 70+ hour week to have their equilibrium restored at the hands of a skilled therapist. Even a few minutes at an airport Chair-massage facility can put a hugely different slant on the day's demands. An increasing amount of corporate businesses have realized the sense of bringing in a massage therapist once a week to improve performance and morale, and decrease the amount of sick leave taken by staff.

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Have you noticed that kids nowadays often have more on their plates than us adults? That they are expected to achieve success at so many levels that it makes our heads spin?  That to even get into college good grades are not enough?  These guys are expected to be multi-talented, straight A students, terrific sportsmen and beguilingly gracious to boot. Juggling these treacherous indicators of our futures can cause the best of us to falter and fall and when those warning bells start to sound they are all too loud.  Insomnia, irritable bowels, migraine headaches, frozen shoulders are just some of the manifestations of a body in revolt.  Sure, there are great drugs out there for all of these conditions. Are they really neccessary in these cases?  Very often not. A change to wholesome nutrition and an hour on the massage table could alleviate some of the worst of symptoms.  For symptoms they are, of a life fast getting out of control. Some time to stop and smell the roses could be just what the doctor ordered.

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